Advanced tracking solution to excel your business

A comprehensive technological solution which has been adopted by big commercial companies.

Roadmaster Tracking Solution helps you to secure and keep records of all your valued assets, which can be managed in multiple groups with multiple layers of management access. All this help you in saving lost time, high fuel costs, excessive mileage and damaging wear and tear. This makes RMTS a valuable tool in operating your fleet.

Fleet GPS Monitoring

RMTS can enhance productivity for your business as a fleet manager or business owner roadmaster tracking solution help’s make your job easier and more productive.
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  • Track your vehicles live.
  • Add more jobs due to improved dispatch system.
  • Reduce human error with automation.
  • Get reports emailed daily or weekly automatically.

Fleet Fuel Efficiency

It transmits information such as, when the fuel tank was filled, consumption report and sends warning in case of fuel theft via email or SMS.

Fleet Fuel tracking can help you reduce fuel costs in several ways:

  • Reduce vehicle idling times
  • Minimise vehicle mileage and deploy nearest vehicles
  • Improve routing, reducing unnecessary driving
  • Generate fleet reports showing improper fuel use
  • Operate a greener fleet

Some Other Advantages

Coins and Cash

Reduce Fleet Expenses

To get the most out of your business – and keep operating expenses in check – you need to make sure your drivers and entire fleet are operating as efficiently as possible.
Reduce vehicle breakdowns by staying on top of vehicle repair and maintenance

  • Trim unnecessary fuel costs
  • Cut excessive overtime pay
  • Decrease wear and tear on trucks by increasing route efficiency
  • Avoid adding staff as business grows by making your team more efficient
  • Potentially lower insurance costs

Broken Car

Reduce Breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns can lead to lost time on the road and large repair bills. By staying on top of vehicle maintenance, you can avoid these losses and costs. With our system, you can set alerts to notify you every time a vehicle is driven a certain distance or a certain driven hours, or when a predetermined date arrives. You will also receive automatic alerts letting you know when the vehicle is due for service, protecting you from unexpected operating expenses.

Fuel Calculator

Reduce Fuel Costs

Roadmaster tracking solution provides an integrated fuel card along with reports that make it easy for you to track driver behaviours that drive fuel bills up. You can even single out fuel charges by vehicle and eliminate unauthorised fuel-ups.

Lower Insurance Premiums

The risks of aggressive driving: accidents and liabilities that cost in fines and reputation. Rather than taking a reactive approach to driver behaviour. RMTS fleet operations gives solution to manage and encourage driver safety proactively.

Driver with belt

Increase Driver and Fleet Safety

With fleet tracking, you can monitor driving behaviour, record and receive speed alerts & also secures vehicles by sharing its locations to improve fleet security. It can be enhanced by installing panic button for emergencies.

  • Quickly recover stolen fleet vehicles
  • Reduce unauthorised fleet vehicle use
  • Respond quickly to emergencies by knowing the precise location of field technicians
  • Easily monitor speeding activity
  • Create, manage, and enforce a speeding policy using both frequency and severity
  • Quickly identify speed limit violations
  • Investigate violations in detail through our Route Replay capability

Customer Service Agent

Improve Fleet Support & Customer Service

RM Telematics’ GPS vehicle tracking makes fleet customer service easy. With a GPS tracking system, you can respond to customer needs with more accuracy and at a faster rate.

  • Save valuable company time, improve your dispatching and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Get to your customers faster and respond quickly to customer emergencies.
  • Beat your competition to prospects.
  • Provide historical proof of service.
  • Provide more accurate delivery estimates.
  • Allow your customers to track your vehicles from your website.


Go Green

To reduce carbon footprint and adopt “green” business practices. You may think it’s too much for the company to tackle and not worth the effort. The fact is, having a green fleet helps the earth and your business