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GPS Mobile Solutions provides rugged and reliable GPS equipment customized to fit your company’s specific needs whether you need a simple location alert or engine run-time with location or extensive engine diagnostic data from your heavy equipment.

Cold Chain Transportation

Having trouble with…

  • Goods arriving unfrozen or sour?
  • Lost items and huge losses?
  • Drivers speeding, slowing down too much, or fatiguing?
  • Are vehicles being stolen or expensive to manage?

Renting & Leasing

Having trouble with…

  • Abusing vehicles
  • Vehicle overspeeding, harsh braking & rapid acceleration.
  • Mileage counter.
  • Low car lifetime.

School Bus Solutions

  • Are students always missing the bus?
  • Are parents worried that their kids aren’t getting on the bus?
  • Are drivers leaving the buses running needlessly?
  • Do your drivers have unsafe habits?

Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry relies on drivers who deliver products safely and efficiently. A GPS vehicle tracking system gives managers real-time information about their drivers to:

  • Improve safety, which lowers insurance costs.

Personal Tracking

For family, kinds, seniors and much more …

Many parents wonder if they should adopt a family GPS tracker app or service. There are many benefits to using a Family GPS Tracker like RMTS

FMCG Trucks

Having trouble with…

  • Delay in trips.
  • Fuel expenses are increasing.
  • Vehicle breakdown.

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