GPS Mobile Solutions provides rugged and reliable GPS equipment customized to fit your company’s specific needs whether you need a simple location alert or engine run-time with location or extensive engine diagnostic data from your heavy equipment.

Having trouble with?

  • Goods arriving unfrozen or sour?
  • Lost items and huge losses?
  • Drivers speeding, slowing down too much, or fatiguing?
  • Are vehicles being stolen or expensive to manage?

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What We Offer

Real-time route monitoring

Rest assured that your goods arrive on time and your vehicles don’t stray from the most efficient path with our GPS tracker. Always know where your vehicle is and you’ll never have to guess arrival times again.

Door status monitoring and alarm

Always know when your goods are out in the open with this system. If the door is opened or closed at an unexpected time, an alarm will go off to prevent theft or damage to goods.

Temperature monitoring and alerts

Keep tabs on the temperature of food storage vehicles to ensure that frozen or refrigerated items are never tainted or left to rot. If temperatures soar, you’ll receive an alert and possibly be able to save the shipment.

Remote engine control and GPS tracking

Even if your vehicle is stolen, it’s well within your control. You’ll always know its position, thanks to our GPS tracking system, and if you’re worried about the thief getting away, you can remotely cut the engine and stop the stolen vehicle dead in its tracks.

Speeding, slowdown, and fatigue alerts

Not all drivers are perfect, but with our system of alerts and safeguards, their imperfections can be ironed out and turned into strengths. If your driver is speeding, staying still for too long, or simply pushing themselves too hard, they’ll receive notifications. This system works with our GPS vehicle tracker to improve driver efficiency, safety, health, and even punctuality.

Regular reports and analysis

All the data in the world is useless without a tidy way to analyze it, and we offer that as well. You can receive summaries and data on your fleet as frequently or infrequently as you like, allowing you to pinpoint costly issues, streamline your business, and increase profit and efficiency.