GPS Mobile Solutions provides rugged and reliable GPS equipment customized to fit your company’s specific needs whether you need a simple location alert or engine run-time with location or extensive engine diagnostic data from your heavy equipment.

Having trouble with?

  • Abusing vehicles?
  • Lost items and huge losses?
  • Mileage counter?
  • Low car lifetime?
  • Vehicle Thefts?
  • Vehicle breakdown?

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What We Offer

Track your assets

Live to track of your vehicles anytime, anywhere.

Prevent asset loss

Avoid losing the asset as a result of theft by determining the exact location of the car.

Mileage counter

Get detailed mileage counter with RMTS software as it gives you the advantage of setting notifications/alerts and generating reports.

SOS alert just with a press of a button

Driver can generate SOS alert just by pushing a button in the car. This will create an event in real-time that will be received by the server in case of breakdowns.

Set restricted areas

Set multiple restricted areas like workshops and the dangerous regions or borders to know whether the driver is going to replace car parts or trying to cross the border.

Schedules for maintenance

Create schedules for the maintenance of the car such as Oil change/Tire Change/Engine Check/Monthly Check/etc. This will increase the life span of the fleet.

Speed Limit Alerts

Set speed limits alerts and get driver’s rating based on harsh acceleration, braking and speed using Eco-Drive applications.