GPS Mobile Solutions provides rugged and reliable GPS equipment customized to fit your company’s specific needs whether you need a simple location alert or engine run-time with location or extensive engine diagnostic data.

Are you worrying about those problems on your fleet’s school buses?

  • Are students always missing the bus?
  • Are parents worried that their kids aren’t getting on the bus?
  • Are drivers leaving the buses running needlessly?
  • Do your drivers have unsafe habits?
  • Vehicle Thefts?
  • Do they have issues managing the bus?

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What We Offer

5-minute warning

Our system can notify parents five minutes before the bus arrives to ensure their children never miss their ride again.

Driver behaviour monitoring

We offer a system that allows you to determine safe speed range, and if the driver strays from that range or accelerates or stops too quickly, an alert will be sent and the information will be added to the driver’s report.

Student identification

We offer unique identification tags for students. These tags are verified by an RFID scanner installed in the school bus. an auto-notification will be delivered to the parents/school, assuring that the child is safely onboard or also can alert can be send in case the student has not boarded on the school bus all the transactions of notifications can be either by SMS or email or both the options..

GPS tracking and bus management

Our fleet management system is the perfect GPS tracking solution for many fleets, and it won’t disappoint as a school bus GPS tracking system. The software can store, manage, track, and monitor information on students, drivers, vehicles, and more. You can monitor fuel consumption, driving histories, and bus locations. Our software will even remind you when your fleet is due for maintenance.

Automatic engine shutdown

The engine will automatically shut down when its regular hours of operation are over, preventing waste and misuse of the vehicle and its fuel.