Roadmaster Professional Tracking Accessories includes a wide variety of sensors such as Fuel Level Sensor, Temperature and Weight Sensor.

RMTS Fuel Level Sensor

(FLS) For fuel monitoring, control and theft prevention. It is the latest company product created for fuel control. Available in PRO and ECO versions. Extremely reliable RMTS FLS digital measurement reaches 99% precision providing the most accurate fuel data and enabling to control and save on fuel costs entirely. Advanced functionality allows to update and configure sensors remotely, therefore, it becomes very comfortable to manage and maintain detectors and despite their physical location.


  • Measurement precision 99%
  • Digital measurement
  • Remote configuration and updates
  • Password protected setup
  • Analogue: Voltage, Frequency
  • RS232: RS485 interfaces
  • Temperature sensor

Solid construction with simple installation

RMTS FLS has a solid metal construction and IP67 certification that ensures devices longevity and protects it from possible damage done by people. Whole new protection for all cables and connection prevents them from all environmental factors such as dust, heat, extreme temperature changes, etc.
Entirely new Plug Play connection makes all the installation process more straightforward than ever before. Besides, the length of the cables and sensors probe guarantees devices compatibility with different types of vehicles and fuel tanks.

  • Plug & Play connection
  • IP67 certification ( full dust waterproof )
  • Probe length – 100 mm to 1500 mm
  • Protected cables and connections

Green Earth Icon

Eco–Driver panel

Eco-driver panel is for monitoring driver behaviour in informs driver by light and sound indicators when his driving actions are causing fuel waste and faster vehicle depreciation. Driver information is also linked to the real-time monitoring and control system which analyses the driver’s behaviour and allows to evaluate the driver’s performance.

Wires Icon

Easy Wires

GPS tracking device installation process can be a difficult one. To make it easier and more professional, we have created a small gadget for connecting multiple accessories to the tracking device. It’s called Easy wires, and it will increase quality to installation, reduce installation errors and will save 20 minutes per each device installation. With this accessory, even the beginners can perform a professional installation

Temperature Sensor Icon

Temperature Sensor

RMTS temperature sensor measures the temperature of the cargo and the refrigerators. The sensor operates within the accuracy of +-0.5 °C in the temperature range from -40°C to +120°C +-0.5°C. The sensor housing is IP67 certified ensuring its durability despite various and harsh working environments.

Door Sensor Icon

Door Sensor

The door sensor record the door events which linked to the monitoring system. The device is reliable and helps for monitoring doors of storages such as refrigerated semi-trailers or in/outdoor storages. The door sensor is perfectly fit for the protection of cargoes against third party actions and natural forces.

Panic Button Icon

Panic Button

The panic button is an accessory designed to increase the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the cargo. In case of an emergency, the driver can quickly send an emergency message to the mange. The signal is received in the monitoring and control system or by SMS.

RFID Reader Icon

RFID Reader

The RFID reader is a card and a small reader designed for the driver’s identification. Security passes already implemented in your company can be used. The RFID reader shows who and when used the vehicles and who was in charge of it. It is possible to block the vehicle’s engine and notify the driver by an audio signal without completing the identification.

Identification Key Icon

Identification Key

You want to identify which driver is driving which vehicle at all times. Driver Identification enables real-time visibility and reporting by the driver. The driver uses a security key for identification. It is possible to block the vehicle’s engine and notify the driver by an audio signal without completing the identification

Engine Icon

Engine Relay

The engine relay is a device designed for blocking the engine of the vehicle. It offers protection against unauthorised use of the vehicle. Remote activation of the relay is possible by monitoring and control system or an SMS.