RM tracking app brings the list of monitoring units and their locations on the map to your fingertips, with the information on speed, date and time of the last message also available.

Try RM tracking app and take your chance to overachieve with the simple interface free of odd elements.

RM Logistics: Order Management Service

RM Logistics is designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. The service allows performing a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, transport processes optimisation and cost saving. RMTS Logistics comprises web-version for dispatchers and mobile application for drivers.

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Effective Management

Web-version ensures effective operating procedures management.

  • Order placement: Create or import orders with a detailed description.
  • Planning and distribution: Select orders and vehicles.
  • Route optimisation: Get preliminary routes comprising data on estimated arrival time and mileage.
  • Delivery process monitoring and coordination: Respond to emerging issues via phone calls or chatting with the driver.

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RM Logistics provides multiple functions to make the monitoring process easy for you

  • RM Logistics mobile app is designed for monitoring product delivery and helps in productivity and maintain records of a field a worker.
  • View the list of orders with detailed information.
  • Track and evaluate delivery progress.
  • Observe orders and preliminary routes on the map.
  • Build a route to a delivery point using external navigation apps.
  • Assign order statuses (delivered/rejected).
  • Notify a dispatcher on any circumstances concerning deliveries.
  • Add comments and photos.
  • Deal with clients on the phone.

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When it comes to delivery and logistics, communication between the office and the field cannot be ignored. Chatterbox is designed to make mobile employees closer to the office by means of smooth text communication.

The app goes beyond text communication with a driver. With Chatterbox you can control vehicles by sending commands, share addresses, exchange images, photos, routes and coordinates and get quick access to messages history anytime.

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Eco Driving

Eco-Driving is an application designed to receive the driving quality assessment. The assessment is made by penalties issued for speeding, unreasonable accelerations/breakings/accelerations while cornering, reckless driving, and other violations which can be detected by created sensors.

The analysis of received driving quality data may afterwards help you to prolong vehicle life, reduce fuel costs, ensure cargo safety, and also understand the reason for any case of emergency.

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RMTS allows adding any number of sensors to track various aspects of the unit activity. Whenever the number of sensors amounts to a dozen, data visualisation really matters. Sensolator provides for handy monitoring of counter and sensor values from both stationary and moving units.

Enjoy a fully customizable interface allowing for real-time asset management and making all the values clearly visible. Be the first to know about equipment failures, present information as charts, make use of report system and control units by sending commands – try it and verify that Sensolator makes sense.

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Wishing for all the relevant KPIs in one place – now you got it! The dashboard is designed to visualize the key performance indicators and customize them in the most efficient way. Monitor average and maximum speed, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours and time in trips, enjoy handy data visualization and customizable charts and make use of comparative analysis of any chosen parameters.

With Dashboard, you see the whole picture of fleet performance within a customizable work area.