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Renting & Leasing

Having trouble with…


  • Abusing vehicles
  • Vehicle overspeeding, harsh braking & rapid acceleration
  • Mileage counter
  • Low car lifetime
  • Vehicle Thefts
  • Vehicle breakdown
Track rented vehicle

What We Offer

  • Live to track of your vehicles anytime, anywhere.
  • Prevention  asset loss that results from theft by determining the car exact location.
  • RM tracking software will provide you with detailed Mileage counter. You will be able to set notifications and alert and generate reports.
  • The driver can generate SOS alert from pushing a button in the car. This will create an event in real time that will be received by the server in case of breakdowns.
  • Set multiple restricted areas like workshops and the dangerous regions or borders to know whether the driver is going to replace car parts or crossing borders.
  • Create schedules for the maintenance like Oil change/Tire Change/Engine Check/Monthly Check. This will lead to increasing fleet lifetime.
  • You can have speed limits alerts based on real speed limits and get a driver rating based on harsh acceleration, braking and speed using Eco-Drive applications.

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