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Vehicle Tracking Hardware


RM OBDII is plug and play device which is designed to track and monitor light commercial vehicles, it helps to protect the vehicle from theft and scans the vehicle to deduct any faults in the vehicle but with limited access.

Best used for:

  • Fleet monitoring and control
  • Route and order optimization
  • Eco-Driver
Fleet monitoring
Technical Specification
Power supply 12/24 DC(range:10-32 V DC ) GSM/GLONASS module Ublox EVA-M8M
Size 62.3×52×28 mm GPS/GLONASS antenna Internal
Internal storage 4MB (min.30000 records) GSM module Quectel M95
Firmware /configuration update Over the air GPRS or USB GSM antenna Internal
l\O characteristics OBD2 Connection Micro USB Accelerometer 3 axes

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