GPS Asset Tracker Solutions

The vehicles you use to transfer goods and services aren’۪t the only assets that can take advantage of GPS-based solutions. You can also benefit from installing GPS on movable and fixed assets, which can range from smaller equipment like generators to bigger pieces such as pods. Through the simple and quick installation of small, mountable asset-tracking hardware on your assets, you can easily monitor the location of your equipment via your laptop or smart device.

Why You Need GPS Asset Tracking

Given the high price of specialty fleet equipment, it’s no surprise that a company would want to keep a close eye on its assets. GPS-based asset tracking has become a crucial component to equipment management in today’۪s market. This is particularly true for larger companies with a high number of assets. With more equipment in their fleet, it’۪s important for these companies to keep track of the location and efficiency of their assets. Additionally, they can be sure of which types of assets they may need (or don’۪t need), which can cut costs.

With asset tracking, fleet managers can use GPS technology to monitor the location of assets. They can also accurately direct which piece of equipment needs to go where, which allows for seamless control of multiple job sites.

Tracking The Status of Your Assets

GPS-based tracking allows managers to receive reports of an asset’۪s status at specifically scheduled times.

The customizable notification feature is especially useful for construction companies with assets being used in a project that must follow strict codes set by a municipality. Many towns and cities will only allow construction during certain hours to avoid disturbing the surrounding residents. By using a GPS asset tracker to monitor the location and movement of their equipment, business owners can avoid costly fines and perturbed locals.

With GPS-based asset-tracking solution, your jobs will run smoother and more efficiently than ever before.